gelato collage


Our gelato is hand-crafted right in our shop in downtown Tulsa. We use the finest ingredients, and equipment straight from Italy.

We strive to be just as good as the gelato you ate last summer on the piazza in Florence. Or, if you haven’t been able to make it to Florence, we hope this gives you some idea of what it might be like.

We also take pride in being ahead of the culinary curve. We travel and look at food trends compulsively. Green Tea and Rosewater? Done it. Lavender Honey? Been there. Maple Bacon? Sold out in hours. If you’ve seen a cool flavor or have an idea, hit us up, we love to experiment (when it’s cost effective!). If you want to know what’s coming to the gelato case, we announce new flavors every Wednesday on our Facebook page.

Because we’re a boutique shop, we’re able to make specialty flavors and take custom orders for flavors straight from your imagination. Fruity pebbles gelato? Champagne-Bellini gelato? Cereal milk gelato? You name it, and we’ll do our best. A custom pan of gelato is $45, and serves 50 3 oz. scoops. Lots of people have found this is a great option for weddings and birthday parties.

Things to keep in mind: 

We need at least 1 week’s notice for most custom orders.

Premium ingredients like alcohol may be asked to be provided.

We do not guarantee satisfaction on off-the-wall flavor combinations – Bacon-Lavender Gelato may not work out, y’all.

Delivery is available for an additional fee.